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Thinkindot, a solution created for journalists, the most comprehensive and powerful of its kind in the digital media industry. With 20 years of constant evolution, it is the perfect partner for publishing companies that develop their content strategy seeking relevance, and performance.

Thinkindot includes a set of publishing tools and technologies specially designed for the digital media industry that help streamline the newsroom workflow.

Editor de portada What You See Is What You Get Editor de portada What You See Is What You Get

What you see is what you get Cover Editor

Manage your cover content just with “Drag & Drop” and check how information is organized in real-time.

Recorte de  imágenes automático Recorte de  imágenes automático

Automatic image cropping

Enrich your content with images, no need to adapt them to different resolutions or formats.

Encoding de video integrado Encoding de video integrado

Integrated video encoding

Transform any video format into web video format, avoiding compatibility issues.

Estadísticas de performance en tiempo real Estadísticas de performance en tiempo real

Real-time performance statistics

Improve your efficiency based on newsroom performance report analysis.

Integración por API Integración por API

API integration

Thinkindot CMS offers total autonomy for your own module integration and development.

We are specialists in organic traffic generation. Every month, we implement CMS updates that ensure SEO results, a better user experience, and new features.

Optimización para Google News Optimización para Google News

Google News Optimization

We improve content performance updating on Google News and ensure that your news reaches your audiences faster.

Asistente SEO para contenidos en tiempo real Asistente SEO para contenidos en tiempo real

Real-time content SEO assistant

We generate content suggestions through an integrated SEO assistant that increases audience reach.

Full AMP Full AMP

Full AMP

We offer website optimization with Full AMP, ensuring compliance with Google's technical requirements to enable faster web page uploading

Integración con redes sociales Integración con redes sociales

Social media integration

Thinkindot allows you to share your content on social media directly from the CMS platform and reach a wider audience.

Gestión de espacios publicitarios Gestión de espacios publicitarios


Thinkindot enables intuitive, self-managed ad generation on your website and multiple Ad server integration.

Capacitación y apoyo constante Capacitación y apoyo constante

Training and constant support

We offer training for newsrooms to help them deliver meaningful, relevant, and timely content to their audience.

Technical and Editorial SEO Consulting

As part of our 360 solution, we stand by our clients with an editorial and technical consulting service.

Reestructuración del flujo de trabajo

Newsroom workflow restructuring for SEO optimization

Soluciones de monetización

Customized consulting


Monetization solutions and business strategy

Mejore el posicionamiento

Positioning optimization and audience generation

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Thinkindot® Suite

Thinkindot CMS
Thinkindot CMS

A content manager designed for digital media, with built-in SEO assistant and constant updates.

Thinkindot Page Builder
Thinkindot Page Builder

Total web site self-management. Control over templates, creation of special sections, and “Drag & Drop” structure modification.

Thinkindot Analytics
Thinkindot Analytics

Access to detailed reporting on newsroom content generation and performance, and statistics for decision-making ease.

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For the last 20 years, we have offered 360º solutions covering all stages of digital media evolution.

We provide know-how in process and technology organization, editorial strategy, optimization in audience generation, monetization strategy, and customized technology consulting. We work with world-class technology suppliers that support and ensure the quality, performance, speed, and stability of websites, even during the highest audience peaks.

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